Investment Management

Our mission is to protect, preserve and grow the wealth of our clients.

We believe in a stable and sustainable investment philosophy that aims to help our clients grow their wealth by preserving capital, and by taking calculated risks to take advantage of opportunities we identify.

Our research is geared toward creating portfolios that will outperform the market over the course of a full economic cycle while limiting volatility during downturns.

Our flexible and comprehensive investment platform provides our clients’ access to a variety of investment solutions, both proprietary and nonproprietary, across numerous domestic and global asset classes. A hallmark of our investment management services is our ability to truly customize not only your investment plan but also the individual strategies within your plan.


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The Holly Street Wealth Investment Management team has over 125 years of combined investment management experience.

Our Investment Philosophy


  Invest for the long term in funds and pooled investment strategies managed by firms and individuals we understand in depth

  Diversification among managers and asset classes enhances risk management

  Focus on wealth maximization through solidly performing equity and income strategies (our long-term “Core” strategies)

  Utilize tactical strategies to address unique medium-term opportunities

  Ongoing risk-based screening of portfolio volatility vs. client risk tolerances

Investment Process Overview

  • Economic Outlook
  • Market Assessments
  • Consistent with a client’s plan, build a portfolio with a high likelihood of meeting desired objectives
  • 50-80% core strategic holdings with the balance in non-core tactical allocations
  • Allocate across cash, equities, bonds and alternatives (for appropriately sophisticated clients.)
  • Deep understanding of managers philosophy and process
  • Select products that are cost effective and tax efficient
  • Consider risk allocations in construction
  • Execution through top-rated broker/custodians
  • Adjust tactical strategies when major market and economic shifts occur

How We Implement

1. Invest for the long run but allocate tactically across asset classes and strategies based on fundamental changes in economic conditions and markets.

2. Open architecture diversifies the risk and can increase investment success.

3. Use analytics and research capabilities of credible third party service providers

4. Using multiple managers in any strategy hedges significant downside volatility (for no meaningful increase in cost)

5. Select managers based on established 3 rd party screening criteria as well as in house assessments and ongoing monitoring of the firm, key people and the strategies underlying their funds

6. Balancing a funds performance and cost effectiveness

7. Communicate frequently, clearly and effectively about our strategies and your money as often as you might reasonably request our assistance.

We provide investment consulting services tailored to each client’s individual needs.

Each client has a customized investment portfolio utilizing the following:
Flexible Portfolio Construction
We utilize an open architecture platform to provide access to all asset classes including equities, ETF’s, mutual funds, separately managed accounts, fixed income, and alternative investments.
Manager Search and Selection
Our Investment Committee is dedicated to objectively identifying and qualifying candidates for the Holly Street Wealth investment platform. Our team meets regularly to review all of our third-party managers and our own internal proprietary separately managed account strategies.